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Welcome to Chaupal

Chaupal is a Hindi word. It means a common meeting place in a village owned by the whole community. This truly reflects the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) philosophy.

About JXTA...

JXTA is a programming language and platform-independent Open Source protocol started by Sun Microsystems for P2P networking in 2001.

You can use JXTA technology to create P2P applications in Java or on other JVM languages. JXTA is a set of open protocols that enable any connected device on the network, ranging from cell phones and wireless PDAs to PCs and servers, to communicate and collaborate in a P2P manner. JXTA peers create a virtual network where any peer can interact with other peers and resources directly, even when some of the peers and resources are behind firewalls and network address translations (NATs) or on different network transports.

About The Chaupal Organisation...

The Chaupal Organisation was founded by former members of the JXTA community, with a strong commitment to the true open source spirit. We intend to continue the development and maintenance of the JXTA protocols and their implementation for Java (JXSE), and also to define new P2P protocols, based on experience acquired on the JXTA project. These protocols will first be developed for JVM languages, but other implementations are welcome.

JXTA was initially developed by Sun Microsystems, as an Open Source project under a custom license. Over time, Sun's involvement reduced, with the community continuing work, overseen by a board that included Sun staff. The community sought to change the license to the Apache License 2.0, with requests made to Oracle representatives - with no response. Development of JXTA paused after the 2.7 release, around the time of Oracle purchasing Sun Microsystems. In January 2011, the project lead at the time, Jérôme Verstrynge, stepped down, with no board elected to carry the project forward.

In August 2013, Kees Pieters started a series of articles on DZone (Part One, Part Two) on JXSE and Equinox, which revived enthusiasm in the JXTA community. Matt Gumbley had been looking at JXTA for some open source projects, and contacted Kees to discuss attempting to revive it. In October, they consulted the JXTA-announce mailing list, issued a proposal [PDF] and offered to take over maintenance of JXSE for possible 2.8x releases, and to revive the Chaupal project envisaged by Jérôme's Apache Proposal. The subversion repository for JXSE has been migrated to GitHub, and work on 2.8x has started, merging changes and enhancements that had been made on the 2.6x branch, and from other users.


JXTA is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems/Oracle.

JXSE is still governed by the JXTA license, which cannot be changed. New code by Chaupal that extends/modifies JXSE is governed by the Apache License, version 2.0, and must be committed to the JP2P GitHub repository.

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