2. Architecture
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The Chaupal
JP2P Architecture

2.3 Chaupal JP2P Component Builder

As was mentioned earlier., the Chaupal JP2P container is little more than a placeholder for JP2P components. The real work is done by the Cnet.jp2p.chaupal.activator.Jp2pBundleActivator, which parses the jp2p-1.0.0.xml file, and checks if the resources are available to build the container. In order to do so, a number of JP2P core bundles register a number of builders that provide factories for the a dedicated JP2P component.:These builders together provide a context that provides the functionality that the container can access:

net.jp2p.chaupal  (net.jp2p.chaupal.context.Jp2pServiceBuilder):
  • StartupService
  • SequencerService
  • SimplePersistence
  • Logger
net.jp2p.chaupal.jxta  (net.jp2p.chaupal.jxta.context.Jp2pJxtaBuilder):
  • NetPeerGroupService
  • PipeService
  • RegistrationService
  • DiscoveryService
  • PeerGroupService
  • AdvertisementService
  • Socket
  • Rendezvous
net.jp2p.chaupal.jxta.platform  (net.jp2p.chaupal.jxta.platform.context.JxtaPlatformBuilder):
  • NetworkManager
  • NetworkConfigurator
  • Security
  • Tcp
  • Http
  • Http2
  • Multicast
  • Infrastructure
  • SeedList
When you are running a Chaupal project with the OSGI console, you can see which of the builders are active by typing 'jp2p' in the OSGI console.

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